Beltronix has always been in the forefront of technology, innovation and originality in Nepal. We have, over a period of 23 years strengthened our commitment to provide un paralleled product and services in the field of electronics, computer, medical equipment and security services. The company infrastructure is further reinforce by our team of highly skilled and earnest engineers.



Here we are to solve the problems regarding
Analytical Equipments
  Product Profile of Analytical Instruments:

- Spectrofluorophotomete
- UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
- Visible Spectrophotometer
- Fluorimeter
- Flame Photometer
- Nephelometer
- Conductivity Meter
- Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer
- PH Meter
- Atomic Absorption
- Spectrophotometer.
- Gas Chromatograph
- Colorimeter
- Fluoride Meter
- Water Quality Analyzer
- Conductivity Meter

Remember Beltronix for All Types of services
Excelling individually and as a company is a goal at Beltronix. Accordingly, Beltronix has an industry record of inhouse training. I am pleased that the Beltronix batch of 2001/2 has undertaken this first ever customer newsletter early in the New year 2002.
Beltronix strives to serve the nation by expanding the electronics handling capacity of Nepal. An example of this is Beltronix execution of three high technolgy tenders at Trivhuvan Internation Airport inprovement Project. These were international tenders where Beltronix has to complete with world class competitors.