Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS

Powerware, USA is the world’s largest manufacturer of UPS system. Beltronix is the sole distributor of Powerware,s USA Product for the kingdom of Nepal. Powerware has got both the single phase and Three phase UPS system capacity ranging from 200 VA to up to 220 KVA which is suitable for the power backup for single PC to big computer network system and industrial uses too



Beltronix sells and supports computers of various brands for which we are authorized

BBM (Beltronix Business Machine)


Beltronix has successfully installed EPABX systems at the Tribhuvan International Airport


Security and Servellinace system

Beltronix deals with latest & hi-fi electronic technology in the field of security and surveillance system. Beltronix deals in standard CCTV system, Infra Red detector camera to computerized access control system and sensors etc for the security and surveillance. Now, Beltronix has been recognized as one of the major company in the kingdom of Nepal for these kinds of systems and its effective installment.


Beltronix also sells and supports all kinds of P.A.SYStems by its experienced engineers and professioanls. Tribhuvan International Airport and British Embassy are examples of our experience.


Beltronix has started services & products in Two way Radio Communication. We deal in ALINCO, which is complete solution in Two Way Radio Communication.

Furthermore, Beltronix also deals with several other commercial brands of UPS system for the customer searching for the reliable UPS at economy price. Beltronix is also famous for it’s Nepalese ingenuity for the modification of several Best and other branded UPS for the long hour backup time as desired by our customers.

and as well as brands handled by other dealers. Beltronix computer division has been providing services in the software development and consultancy on computer hardware and networking. Very often customers want to buy competitive brands though us, fully aware that they are available at a different dealer in town.


Beltronix holds comprehensive range of computer Accessories, ranging from Diskette, diskette-holder to Zip, Jazz, Tape-drive, modems, switcher, scanners, hub,Routers, wireless devices, filters and power protection devices etc.

Beltronix in its accessories trading history has been dealing in all kinds and brands in the printers sector. Recently Beltronix has been appointed as a Sole Distributor of OKIDATA printer, which has Laser type and Dot Matrix Printers. Digital LED printing technology is relatively new technology in the printers, which is efficient, eco-friendly and speedy. Apart from this, Beltronix also carries a range of other brand and models of printers in Laser, Dot matrix and Inkjet type of Brands HP,Canon and EPSON with best after sales support and availability of spare parts

Beltronix is the authorized distributor of RS component International UK. RS is the Europe's largest distributor of Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical components, test & measurement equipment, Tools etc through catalogue. RS service has emerged as the world's unsurpassed service for which the reliability is the most. RS catalogue consists the comprehensive listing of over 52,000 top quality components in color printing. The RS catalogue and it's CD ROM version available at Beltronix.

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