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In-house Products

Beltronix gained its reputation with two decades of excellence in the production of power protection devices. It has been producing various range of power protection devices such as:


Stabi-guard is one of the unique products in Nepalese market manufactured and introduced by Beltronix. It is a unique combination of Volt guard with Spike suppressor and Stabilizer. By this nature of Stabi-Guard, it protects the incoming raw voltage to an appropriate working voltage range and after it further regulates the in coming voltage to a safest voltage to keep your equipment long live and ever healthy. Capacity Rating: 0.5 KVA, 1 KVA and 2 KVA

Telephone And Fax Guard:

A sudden very high voltage, surge and spike in your telephone city line can hazard you and your such Telecommunication products. A telephone or fax guard can be a safest for this type of risk. Capacity rating: As required.
Precision Power Supply:

PPS gives necessary precise output voltage to your electronic equipment for the voltage conversion on AC to DC, DC to DC and AC to AC voltage out put. It is applicable for Laptop, Portable printer, Walkman, CD player, Cordless Telephone etc. Volt./Amp. Rating: All the standard voltage & also as customer's requirement.