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Tribhuvan International Airport Project
Beltronix Project at Tribhuvan International Airport:

It is indeed a great honour for Beltronix to be offered work at the highly prestigious ‘Tribhuvan International Airport’ (TIA), where anything and everything is expected to be at international standards. Highest level knowledge of electronics and computers, expertise in electronics repairing, strong financial capacity, capacity to source from international manufacturers are some of the essentials qualifications for any company to execute this challenging job. Beltronix was the only company in Nepal to take part in all three tenders called by Tribhuvan International Airport Improvement Project (TIAIP) for supply and installation of Closed Circuit Television System, Flight Information Display System and Public Address System. More than a decade long exposure of Beltronix in the repair of electronic equipments doubtlessly turned out to be a very big asset in the project when it came to revamp the existing system and bring the old CCTV, FIDS and PA equipments into working condition which would have been an impossible task without the accumulation of vast experience. It saved a lot of money, which otherwise would have been needed to replace with new equipment. Beltronix experience in dealing with equipment from all around world was also very fruitful for the efficient completion of the project. Beltronix had to integrate the equipments from a dozen countries like Japan, USA, Australia, Holland, Italy, Singapore to name a few. One significant characteristic of the TIA project is the necessity to accomplish all the work without causing even the slightest disturbance in the smooth running of the day to day airport operations. Beltronix engineers proved their invaluable skill by not causing the shut down of TIA CCTV operation even for an hour in the course of relocating the entire CCTV control console room and revamping the CCTV system.

Below are the comprehensive briefs about the systems installed by Beltronix at TIA.


CCTV System:
The CCTV system, which is installed at TIA is probably the biggest and most sophisticated system ever installed in any Nepalese location. The control room is now equipped with Multiplexer System allowing continuous recording facility of the information supplied from all the cameras round the clock. The number of surveillance cameras has almost doubled. With the help of a few other peripherals like Pan/Tilt and zoom lens, a CCTV camera can focus on a particular person and his movement and his/her ID card can even be read from the control room. In order to avoid the possible disturbances due to weather, all the outdoor cameras are jacketed within the enclosures with state of the art technology. The outdoor camera housings are fitted with heater, wiper, fan, etc for the year round protection against weather changes

PA System:
The passenger’s attention must have been drawn frequently by the operator’s voice saying “Your attention please…” followed by the “Ding…Dong” tone. The operator can selectively transmit the message to one or more zone(s) as he or she finds necessary. There is also the provision of playing background music around the building. Though this system is not new to the ITB, Beltronix got the opportunity to revamp the old Public Address (PA) equipment of Philips so as to operate it in full capacity. Many more amplifiers have also been added handle the additional load of hundreds of speakers on the ceilings of expanded wings of the terminal building.

Baggage Weighing Machine:
Beltronix has installed 27 units of new Baggage Weighing Machine at the new check-in counters of the Departure section of Tribhuvan International Airport. Matcon Matic, a specialist company in Singapore, has fabricated the machines. The load cells and the display indicators are from world-renowned A&D company, Japan. The digital calibration of the weigh scale has been completed by our very own Beltronix engineers. The memory function in the new weigh scales can accumulate the weights of the baggage of all the passengers so as to show the total baggage weight load in a particular flight



Project Name :
Tribhuvan International Airport Improvement Project, Expansion of International Terminal Building & Operational/Airlines Complex & Car parks.

Employer :
( TIAIP ) Tribhuvan International Airport Improvement Project , Civil Aviation Authority Of Nepal.

Consultant :
ANL consortium, Canada & PCI, Japan in association with BDA Nepal.
Main Contractor :
Sambu Construction Co. Ltd, Korea

Nominated Sub Contractor : Beltronix

Tribhuvan International Airport, Gauchar, Kathmandu

Suman Lal Pradhan, Project Co-ordinator